Similarities Between Roman And Greek Architecture

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(1) Upon first glance, there are several similarities between Roman and Greek architecture. Many think they are exactly alike as architecture from both empires share connections. One important note is that Greek architecture came into being prior to Roman civilization, meaning that the Romans were inspired by the Greeks.

In terms of style, the Greeks tended to use the Doric and Iconic style in many of its temples while the Romans used the Corinthian style which was more ornate. The Parthenon in Athens is great example of Ancient Greece's Doric style, while the Pantheon in Rome, is a great example of the Romans Corinthian style.

In terms of materials, Greeks used lintel, granite, and marble to construct its temples while the Romans constructed their architecture with brick and concrete.

In terms of construction,
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The Pantheon is a temple dedicated to all the Gods built by Hadrian in 125 A.D. and it still stands today. It is considered one of the most visionary Roman buildings. Its central feature is the oculus in the center of the dome which opens to the heavens. It is one of the largest domes ever made without reinforced concrete. At the time, it covered a greater span than any before it. The dome of the Pantheon is an engineering masterpiece. The biggest problem during construction was how to keep the dome from collapsing on itself, especially since it is only supported by 8 piers. One way the architects were able to do this was by using five different types of cement. The cement was made out of local volcanic sand. Reaching the center of the dome, the content of the cement is thinner and thinner. This was done so to decrease the stress. Also hidden in the walls, are small arches to reduce the weight and to direct the pressure down. Lastly, the architect cut out large square panels in the dome ceiling to lighten the

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