Similarities Between Roman And Greek Art

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According to the world and European history, the ancient Greeks and Romans has a huge amount of influence on civilization over Western countries as well as the continents and countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Both Greeks and Romans founded arts, politics, literatures, theatre, philosophy and so on. Before the ancient Greeks collapsed, there was an overlapping period of time of the Greeks and Romans. As a result, these great two empires shared several similar cultures and civilizations. Particularly, some of the Roman arts were influenced or inspired by Greek’s thought and style. However, the similarities and differences of the Greeks and Romans arts will be showed in this essay. The Greek arts will be presented by one of their outstanding architectures called “Parthenon” while “Colosseum” will be used to illustrate Roman arts.

Firstly, in order to begin with Parthenon, let’s look at its bibliography and some ideas of the ancient Greek arts and styles. The ancient Greek arts can be separated into four periods including Geometric, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic respectively [SOURCE]. The Parthenon was constructed on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece during 447 BC and completed in 438 BC [KHAN]. It was initially built as a temple for goddess Athena and then become a church later. The Parthenon is the symbol of classical art, wealth and power inspiring many countries to construct their own artworks that have the same structure and style. For instance, New York City
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