Similarities Between Rome And Han China

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Rome and Han China, ancient history’s most remarkable civilizations, have many more profound ideals to teach people today than just their world-famous astounding engineering or fascinating cultures. The values of ancient Rome were simplicity, frugality, honesty, austerity and patriotism (PSR 47). Simplicity is the state of being uncomplicated. Careful and reasonable use of resources defines frugality. Honesty means to be sincere and truthful as well as fair in conduct. Austerity means upholding strict moral principles. Lastly, patriotism is defined as loyalty and devotion to one’s country and wanting to further the country as a whole. During their time of influence, both Rome and Han China demonstrated these values through their society, leaders and politics.
The society of Rome and Han China demonstrated the values of Ancient Rome. Ovid, an Ancient Roman poet, wrote “don’t delight in curling your hair with tongs” in regard to how to look in public places (PSR 58). The fact that he, a Roman, advocated remaining unadorned in appearance reveals simplicity because the most basic form of societal living was supported by not “delighting” in unnecessarily beautifying oneself. The Han concept of filial piety centralizes on respecting your elders and those who are superior to you (Presentation Society and Culture). As a result, the side of honesty that deals with fairness in conduct is brought out by filial piety because of the respectful treatment of other people required by it.

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