Similarities Between Romeo And Christopher

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When comparing Romeo and Christopher, Christopher proves to be braver character through his ability to cope with his difficult life situation. Christopher Boone from The Curios Incident of the Dog in the Night Time suffers from autism and as a result faces several challenges in everyday life. For example, due to his condition Christopher struggles with social interactions as he has difficulties understanding other people’s thoughts and facial expressions. This makes Christopher life substantially more difficult as he has troubles making friends, understanding others and even creating or holding conversations with others. With this in mind Christopher proves to be very brave as he does not let his autism hold him back. For example, Christopher breaks societal expectation by being the first person…show more content…
Christopher comes from a poor family where his parents are divorced and have a negative relationship with one another. Regardless of this, Christopher does not let this difficult domestic situation bother him but rather learns to live with fact his parents are on bad terms and his families low-level of income. In contrast Romeo is a character who suffers from no known mental or physical impairments and comes from a very wealthy family being that he is a noble in his town of Verona. As a result, in theory Romeo comes from an ideal situation and should have no major complaints with life. However, Romeo still finds a complaint in his theoretically perfect life due to his failed love life. Towards the beginning of the play Romeo is found to be very upset and depressed due to his crush Rosaline not feeling the same way about him. This action by Romeo shows his emotional and cowardly nature as Romeo has difficulties coping with difficult situations in life. All in all when comparing the life situation between the two characters Christopher Boone proves to be the braver as he has superior ability to deal with a more difficult situation when comparing his life situation to
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