Similarities Between Roosevelt And Malcolm X

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Elenor Roosevelt and Malcolm X seem so different at first. They grew up with completely different childhoods, but there goals and methods are more similar than you would think. For example, they both wanted to achieve different things, but when those things didn't work out, they didn't give up. Elenor Roosevelt and Malcolm X's goals were different, but their methods of getting there were quite similar. One of the biggest similarities between Roosevelt and X is that they both never gave up. Elenor had been constantly teased as a child, even by her own family, but she still rose above that. It went on for a long time but she didn't let that bring her down. Not letting being teased, and being told you aren't good enough, and then going on to live an admirable life shows persistence. As for Malcolm, In…show more content…
Without Elenor Roosevelt and Malcolm X, our world would be wildly different. Elenor Roosevelt worked for the cause of human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights changed the world in a number of positive ways. Some of the rules/laws put on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are "no one shall be held in slavery", and "no one shall be subjected to torture or cruel , inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment". Just these small, simple things have changed the world, and without Elenor Roosevelt, our wonderful world would not have been as amazing S as it is today. Malcolm X changed the world to. He spoke for the people who couldn't speak. He had been in their place, and knew what they were going through. Because of this, the people knew they were not alone. They knew somebody else had gone through the same thing. This ended up making the world a more positive place. Although Elenor Roosevelt and Malcolm X's goals differed, their methods along the way were more similar than you could imagine. Their impact on the world will always be
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