Similarities Between Rosa Parks And Martin Luther King

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Breaking the rules is rewarding. Disobedience occurs when people feel unjustly treated and they want to make a change about it. There are many people who took part in the Civil Rights movement, but there are two foremost people that changed the world as it is at this moment. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. Both of these influential people fought against the racist rules and they contributed into the social progress. The mid 1950’s was resistance for African Americans because racism was still at play, African Americans had it inequitable because people believed they didn’t deserve rights because of their skin color. It took one person to put a stop to all of this, one person decided they had enough and that person was Rosa…show more content…
took a big role in the civil rights movement as the leader along with his many followers. When MLK perceived of what Rosa Parks had done, and what had happened to her because she declined to give up her seat to a white American he started a boycott against Montgomery buses that went on for at least a whole year until they finally conquered the segregation system. MLK fought civil disobedience in whichever laws they noticed unjust towards the colored citizens, they would organize boycotts, strikes, and marches .that established that they were not going to let themselves be seen and feel as less of human beings because of their skin color. These events came with a horrible price to African Americans such and beatings, arrest, and much worse. But MLK led his followers with the right mindset, dignity, and discipline because this made more people join his side on the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr, and Rosa Parks are the face of civil disobedience, and they showed that anything could be done just takes the right people and the right mindset to get things like this done sometimes you have to break the rules to make great things happen without Rosa never standing up for herself we don’t know what else could’ve happened, but this is a moment in history that will never be forgotten and will always be remembered the Civil rights movements
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