Similarities Between Sacco And Vanzetti

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The trials of Sacco and Vanzetti goes on about how they were falsely executed for murdering a guard and armed robbery because of their immigrant background . After the murderers escaped the scene with the money the police searched a garage to claim a car it was connected to. Sacco and Vanzetti were arrested because victims said it was two Italian men who committed the crime but neither of them had previous trouble with the law. No one really know if they did it because witnesses only said there was two Italian men who did it when any Italian could’ve been a suspect. This trial shows that the 1920’s were prejudiced against certain ethnic group, specifically Italians. In the 1920 The Red Scare was the fear of Communism in the United States. After employees went on strike people blamed it on communist belief. They…show more content…
It is believed that Sacco and Vanzetti had a biased trails because they were giving a judge that had hatred toward Italian Americans. A Boston reported said Judge Thayer was acting in an undignified manner and also used the jury to side with him. The Evidence of the trial wasn’t a lead to identify Sacco and Vanzetti. There was seven eye witnesses that said the men that did the robbery was Italian but never identified the exact criminals. There was evidence on Sacco because he changed his story about his where abouts and absence from work on the day of the crime. A hat that was at the scene had Sacco’s DNA in. There wasn’t much evidence to trace Vanzetti to the case which is it said to believe he was falsely accused of a crime he didn’t do. Sacco words about the case was basically either way it goes they are going to be executed guilty or not guilty because they are Immigrants and the judge was biased. Vanzetti words were he is suffering because he is Italian and he has sacrificed for his family because he has never committed a crime in his
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