Similarities Between Scarace And Scarface

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B. Scarface
Scarface is a cautionary tale. Drugs, violence, drugs, materialism, drugs, immorality and more drugs. The movie explores a lot of themes, crime, politics, psychology and the “American Dream”, all which is portrayed in a bloody and foul-mouthed manner. Scarface is a glorified portrayal and subversion of crime life at the same time. Tony Montana is an immigrant that has nowhere else to go, he then goes to a life of crime, got rich, and then goes down. It is a common misconception that the movie glorifies violence. The conceptions are wrong; the movie portrays violent scenes as a major turning point for characters, both tragic and bittersweet. Like the tagline of the movie. Tony loved “The American Dream, with a vengeance”.

C. Comparison
Both films share the same themes, gaining power and money through crime, the sadness of its benefactor and a certain degree in paranoia. Both films are distinct in its execution. The Godfather’s portrayal is a more subdued one, Brando’s speeches and philosophizing gives a more intellectual approach. Life in the mafia is hard, but is not fully shown. It is layered behind the walls of character development and dialogue, while they are eating together for dinner and sharing insults about their mothers, the next scene will show the group getting ready for a hit. Politically, The Godfather has no strong indication of getting associated with politicians, though there are suggestions, they are not enough to be fully fleshed out. Scarface,
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