Similarities Between Science And Magicians

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SCIENCES: MAGICAL SOLUTION Ever though of how magic and science have a lot in common. The only difference is that people categorize them differently. But as how history tells it, magicians and scientist seemed to have parallel lives. Both were seen differently if not with great distaste and criticism. At first they were not accepted because they delved into things that the society could not understand. They were out-casted, misunderstood, criticized and considered as freaks of nature they that the other saw their works to be. Similarly, both delved into things that are unfamiliar to everyone that does not understand nature that is beyond the nature that is known. Though, the funny thing is that they sooner or later get recognizes because both were able to do something, which is to find solutions to the wants and needs of people. They are both images possible answers, if not proven answers. Magicians gave an answer to entertainment and belief by defying a few laws with physics. Scientist gave answer to life expansion by defying the a few laws of nature with biology. Scientists and Magicians seemed to have given solutions and at the same times provided reasons for them to by hated by society. But the point is both are misunderstood because people has this problem, wherein they want magical solutions to their problems but refuse to believe in magic, and the same goes for science. Scientists are out-casted because they have solutions that are different, because their mind

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