Similarities Between Science And Religion

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Some people believe in either science or religion and that only one is true, although they are incorrect because both science and religion are true. Think of a world without science, nothing would make sense and the world would be a mystery. Now think of a world without religion, people would have no morals or things to look up to. Both science and religion are needed to fully understand life but since religion can not be proven many people believe it is just not true. This is where faith comes into play, it is believed by many religious people that they only need to have faith in god or whatever superior being they believe in and that is enough. Different people are also brought up to believe in different things like religion or science. Of course science is true and real since it can be proven through experiments and testing. religion however gives people hope in life even in the darkest of times. There are many stories where amazing things happen that cannot be explained by science. For example The Incorruptibles, these are Saints whose bodies do not decay as a normal person 's does. The bodies look almost as if they were just alive when in fact they have been dead for many years. Incorruptibles can be found and many churches across the world and to this day scientists cannot prove why or how the bodies stay so intact. Another example is Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Story Goes that a man saw a vision of Mary told his priest did not believe him, so he went back to where he
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