Similarities Between Science And Religion

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Science is based on proven facts and truth; religion is speculation on how things began and why things occur, and magic using supernatural forces to create or control things. The conversation containing science, religion, and magic tend to bring about hostile conflicts between individuals that believe that one rules over the other two. The three topics all contain a certain level of difference to one another; however, the similarities are drastic. Science, magic, and religion relate but also are used for separate things; all in all, the three of the options occur in a day to day basis. Science and religion possess a number of the same qualities. Two of the similarities the two share are, an explanation on the origin of the world and a reason why certain scenarios occur. For the start of the world, religions made a story of how the world and humans were created. There are a plethora of religions in the world today and each describe a different way how the world began. To look at the definition previous stated for religion, it is based on a single or possibly more than one God which controls relatively everything. The stories state that one person that possesses superhuman power created everything we see, hear and feel. For science, some scientists have performed research to conclude how life on the planet begaan. Scientists discovered that the world began by a big bang. In other words, a huge explosion occurred and started the world and universe we see today. I have learned
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