Similarities Between Scottsboro Trial And Prejudice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To kill a Mockingbird
In the 1900’s one the most common things that people were talking about was racism. Racism was a big part of the society during that time. Many people were killed because racism. These were not the only factors that inspired Harper Lee to write “To Kill a Mockingbird”but she expressed her feelings and thoughts for how cruelly people were treated in the book.. People during that time weren’t scared to insult each other because of their race because racism was everywhere in the country and there was no law to prohibit racism. Jim Crow Laws ,Scottsboro Trial, and African American Church Burning inspired Harper Lee to write her book.
Jim Crow Laws helped us understand how racism was back in 1900s in Maycomb Alabama. It showed us how black people always had to be lower than white people. For an example, it showed how black people
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In the article Scottsboro Boys and “To Kill a Mockingbird”: Two Trials for the Classroom it stated that, “The lessons of the infamous 1930s Scottsboro Boys case in which two young white women wrongfully accused nine African American youths of rape illustrate through fact what Harper Lee tried to instruct through her fiction.”This quote shows that black people were always accused from white people and the judge will always believe the white race. Also in the article “To Kill a Mockingbird”: Two Trials for the Classroom it stated that, “Both historical and fictional trials express the courage required to stand up for the Constitutional principle providing for equal justice to all under the law.” This quote shows that people should get equal rights to make them feel they are equal for
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