Similarities Between Sir Issac Newton And Galilei

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Sir Issac Newton and Galileo Galilei were two of the most leading scientist of 17th century. Unfortunately, the two were never able to work together as Issac Newton was born the same year Galileo died, 1642. One thing is for sure, between the two there was a storm of scientific revolution under way. I will begin with the earlier revelations of Galileo. Considered the father of modern science, Galileo made major contributions to the fields of physics, astronomy, cosmology, mathematics and philosophy. Curious with the world and stars around him, he designed an improved telescope which allowed him to view the moons surface, and as far as the rings of Saturn. In the 16th and 17th century, that is quite a feat. Also, Galileo had great contributions to the beginning phases of laws of motion. Having done many experiments of the rate in which objects fell, helping him develop the concept of inertia. While viewing the heavens through his improved telescope, he saw moons orbiting Jupiter and the roughness of our moon. At the time is was believed that Earth was the center of the…show more content…
Newton is best known for his contribution to physics, however the list goes on. He developed three laws of motion: the law of inertia. the law of acceleration, and the law of action. Along with his laws of motion, comes with his idea that there is a universal gravitation among the earth. Also, he developed a theory that the earth was more a spherical object with more of a flattened surface at each of its poles. On top of it all, he came to the discovery of the color spectrum. he placed a glass prism in front of a beam of light projected through a tiny hole in a window shade casting the spectrum onto a wall. I believe Newton made most discoveries both on his want to understand the world and his philosophical view on how everything works. I believe the two kind of go hand in hand
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