Similarities Between Socialism And Communism

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Capitalism began by no accident, it was the eventual result of natural trade relationships between different cultures, but it has one major flaw according to socialists and communists. The plague of capitalism is its tendency to create inequality between classes of workers and employers. Socialism and communism are both proposed solutions to the issues of wage and property inequality. These ideologies address the relationship between workers, employers, and the state in a new light. Socialism and communism are extremely similar but have a few fundamental differences. Socialists are concerned with the division of labor—dividing up tasks so they are done more efficiently—would turn workers into mindless machines (Tignor, 610). Like socialists, communists also believe in the people’s control of the means of production, but socialists believe that…show more content…
It may be argued that they are more well off than the lower classes, but this is likely because in their capitalist society they produced some sort of property of great value. Furthermore, communism hardly motivates workers to strive to be better when most property is equal or with socialism, distributed equally. Regardless, communism and in some places socialism both became widespread. This is likely because the shared wealth and responsibility ideas spoke to those of lower classes who were tired of aristocratic control, “ordinary workers, artisans, domestic servants, and women employed in manufacturing [jobs]” began uprisings in protest of capitalism, tired of their exploitations by their employers (Tignor, 610). Ultimately, communism and socialism are geared towards providing a better experience for everyone but part of life is making your own success and dealing with your own failures. In these types of idealisms, the society comes before the individual creating one hive-minded nation, rather than a nation of

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