Similarities Between Sparta And Athens Democracy

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Democracy can be demonstrated in many different ways, for the Spartan and Athenias this was the case. In all governments there must be someone in control of the people, but certain requirements must always be met in order to have a political influence. The everyday lives of citizens and non-citizens are directly influenced by the government that controls them. Although Athens was the first and most influential Democracy, Sparta was actually a Military Dictatorship. This made the two consequently different from one another, which makes their values and communities entirely different. But notably, there are significant similarities between the Athenians and Spartan when it comes to politics and government. In order to understand their way of life we must answer the following questions: Who participated in making decisions for the community? Who had an influence of power and held office? How are Sparta and Athens different and similar to each other? These are the types of questions that allow us to understand the two cities politically. Althought Classical Athens was a democracy, not all citizens had the same rights and benefits. Women, slaves, and foreigners were not citizens, which leaves the males as the only individuals with citizenship. Having citizenship means not being excluded from politics and having the option of serving in the Assembly. The requirements to serve in the Assembly are as follows; (1) one must be twenty years or older, (2) native born of Athenian
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