Similarities Between Steiner And Montessori

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In this assignment I will be learning about the principals and philosophy of the theorists Steiner & Montessori. I will pick 5 principals from each theorist, research each principal and analyse on each of the 5. I will do this for both theorists. I will then begin to understand what value each principal has and how they relate to practice in the setting etc. I will compare and contrast the two theorists to one another and expand on their views around the principals. I will give my own views about each principal and explain how they influenced my own practice and how they helped me.
I aim to do my very best in this assignment and to give it my all. I will hand my assignment up on time. I will attend every class to be sure that I don’t miss
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The reason I picked Steiner and Montessori is because I feel they are two very strong theorists and I personally find these two the most interesting. I will be interesting to find out more about them both and how they compare

About the theorists
Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was a person in the field of early childhood education and care. In the beginning, Maria Montessori trained to be a doctor and was the first women to graduate from the University of Rome Medical School. She went on to help with poor children in Rome, many of these children would be mentally handicapped. Herself and another doctor Eduard Seguin developed certain tasks which encouraged the children to develop. It is because of these skills tasks and there influence Montessori came to design material for her school. Montessori stressed the need for a specialised environment that children would learn in. As of right now there is an estimate of 20,000 Montessori schools
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He gained recognition as a literacy and cultural philosopher. Steiner attempted to find a synthesis between science and spirituality. He emphasised the value of his spiritual work and his different approaches. Various people asked Stenier to form a school for their children. In 1919 the first Stenier-Waldolf school was founded. Today there are 1,087 nurseries and 640 schools in 50 countries for ages 3-18.

Principles and philosophy of theorist
Theorist 1 - Montessori
⦁ Child centered approach
Sensitive periods - Directors must provide suitable materials and guide them throught this.
⦁ Importance of outdoor play
Have access to a garden that is filled with age suitable equipment. Also to have flowers and plants inside for the children to look at.
⦁ Social interaction
Sensitive period in social development from three years on. People need to put emphasis on this. Montessori encouraged children to work in groups and to share equipment.
Play content should come from the child’s own imagination and experiences. ⦁ Routine and

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