Similarities Between Stoicism And Cynicism

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Generally speaking, I’m going to compare and contrast two schools of thoughts—Stoicism and Cynicism. In fact, in my opinion, there are several differences and similarities between these two schools. Indeed, I’m going to compare and contrast them by introducing several aspects of the way of lives of these two schools. Besides, my central claim is: The main thoughts between Stoicism and Cynicism are similar to each other, but the way they take action and the way of thoughts exists differences. First, I will introduce these two schools in general. Specifically, Stoicism is served as an ethics which is famed by its way of logically thinking and its perception towards the natural world. What’s more, Stoics always try to limit themselves in a…show more content…
In general, they are both willing to bear pain and rigorous training in both physical and psychological. However, stoics support that people should be rational toward the nature since they tend to think logically(logos). More precisely, they tend to support that people should accept all the things without personal emotion. On the other hand, the Cynics suggest that the nature is to be honest. For instance, Cynics don’t believe this whole society since in their mind. They reckon that even the dogs are better and superior than human beings. More precisely, since dogs are loyal to their hosts, but, human beings are changeable and complicated to be…show more content…
Firstly, in my mind, Socrates made larger effects on Cynicism than Stoicism. Specifically, one cynics—Diogenes of Sinope—carried a torch in the Agora in broad daylight in order to look for an honest man. This way of investigating and questioning people is similar to that of Socrates. In Socrates’ life, he traveled to a width of scope in order to ask those “the wisest people” whether they are as intelligent as they thought and measure whether they are wise. Besides, stoics are more “emotionless”. Specifically, once one stoics mentions that when he saw the death of a baby, he will not feel sad or depressed since he thinks people need to follow the natural tendency and the death of that baby is none of his business since he has no relationship with that baby. In this case, we could easily deduce that Stoics tries to persuade its followers to be more restrained. In other words, thanks to their “restrained temperament”, they appear more introverted. Therefore, they will definitely not be allowed and not readily to ask passengers such questions in

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