Satyanarayana And Brahmanism Essay

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Brahmins verses Brahmanism towards nationalism: Subramania Bharati and Garimella Satyanarayana “Love the country brother Promote that is good hither Stop loose talk all together Think to do solid help brother” (Gurajada Apparao) Though Brahmanism was started and spread by Brahmanism, later others including foreigners and kings supported it. Mostly Brahmanism was misused by rulers. They supported Brahmanism for their own benefits. Because of that, many other castes suffered more and more. It created a hierarchy among the Indians. However, national movement and its leaders fought against Brahmanism. Especially the majority of the anti-brahmanic fighters were from Brahman community only. The paper will discuss on two great nationalist poets…show more content…
Both were worked in News Paper Both were participated in freedom struggle Two were good singers Two poets were faced financial crisis Both poets spent most of life in Madras only. Two poets worked a teachers for sometime Both poets love other languages and other cultures Both the poets knew the music also Subramania Bharati and Garimella Satyanarayana’s anti brahminical thoughts: Because of the freedom movement, poets have changed their thoughts and they fought against brahminical thought which was the reason for the many problems in Indian society. Avoiding Hindu house: The Brahmanical system begins from the house itself. Wearing separate dress, keeping sindhur at face, male also is having long hair...These things show that someone is Brahmin. Both Subramania Bharati and Garimella Satyanaraya avoided these brahminical symbols. Subramania Bharati, When “he was in Kasi he left the traditional life and he was having a mustache, started wearing a coat, Dhovati and a turban on the head. He left many traditional methods and adopted a new life style.’’ (Padmanabhan,

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