Similarities Between Sympathy From The Devil And Young Goodman Brown

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There are many similarities and differences in the devils from “Sympathy from the Devil” by The Rolling Stones and Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The similarities are both the song and story talk about an “all powerful” demon messing with other peoples’ lives. Both as well, say it’s mankind's fault for sinning because in the publications, the devil tries to take no responsibility for being the instigator. In the song and story the devil also calls some people who might be seen as role models, hypocrites. Some differences between the song and story include that the song was real life instances where the story might have all just been a dream.

In “Sympathy from the Devil,” the song refers to things that actually took place when evil was committed and the devil blames all the terrible things on those people. The song is not about glorifying or worshipping Satan, but it’s all about the events that the devil shows as evidence of our inferior position in relation to him. Although, it is us being human and being born with Original Sin that demands our sympathy; for, if we are do not feel bad for the evil we have done, we are
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He takes a different approach, though. Young Goodman Brown has an encounter with the devil in a dream. At the time we do not know it is a dream, but Young Goodman Brown is talking to the devil who is trying to convince him that people like his father, grandfather, and his priests and deacons, etc. have come to him to seek some sort of revenge. Making Young Goodman Brown think that all of these other people have also done the things like sin, shocks him, but also makes him feel like it is not as bad if he does sin. Before anything goes wrong Young Goodman Brown wakes up from this awful dream, but now he is questioning everything and everyone. He really let himself get affected by what he thought he knew about other
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