Similarities Between Tap And Jazz

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Tap and Jazz are two very unique and interesting dance forms. They have some similarities and differences that we have learned about throughout the year. While we learned about the different dance styles during the year, Jazz and Tap were my favorite dance forms. I liked Tap and Jazz the most because you could be very creative with your dance. In Tap, I love how precise and creative you could be with the different rhythms using the tap shoes. I also like how upbeat the music is and how fun and energetic the dances are. Jazz was also one of my favorite because I enjoyed how much freedom we had to create our dance. I also liked how Jazz dances can be upbeat or slow tempo. There were many different reasons why I liked Jazz and Tap the…show more content…
Because Tap was very upbeat and precise, it was sometimes very hard to stay on time and with everyone else. It was also very challenging to learn the steps because at times it was very fast and was somewhat complicated. Jazz also had some parts of it that I did not enjoy. Jazz was harder for me than Tap was because in Jazz you have to make everyone is on the same counts, and it is harder to know whether everyone is in sync with each other. Overall there were only a few things I did not enjoy when it comes to Tap and Jazz. Tap and Jazz have many similar qualities. For example, they both can be used with upbeat and energetic music. They also use a lot of attitude and emotion in their dances to capture the audience’s attention. Tap and Jazz are also both looser and less serious looking dance forms. Throughout these two dance forms, they have several similarities. These dance forms also have multiple differences between them too. For example, Jazz is looser and has more attitude than Tap. Tap is also a dance form in which you make rhythm and percussion sounds with your feet to match the rhythm of the dance. These dance forms also have very different style shoes. Tap has shoes with metal plates on the bottom to make sounds as you dance in them, while Jazz shoes are lighter

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