Similarities Between The 1950's And Today

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The 1950’s and the 2000’s are similar in many aspects. During the 1950’s adults wanted to fit their status quo, but teenagers constantly rebelled against it, while now teenagers have created their own status quo to try and fit into. There were many wars and scares during the 1950’s that all had a foreseeable end, while in today’s society we have The War on Terror, a war with no foreseeable end to come. The 1950’s and today’s society have an equal anxiety about war. The War on Terror was at first neglected by our presidents. No one wanted to recognize the true threat that lay in front of us. During the Cold War it took America a number of dramatic events to awake from our slumber and daydreams of everything being amazing. In his article, Zachary Keck proposes that, “America’s War on Terror…show more content…
Eisenhower believed that focusing on a military during the Cold War could escalate the nuclear arms race to an all-out nuclear war, but JFK thought America 's Cold War strategy needed to be remilitarized. This is similar to when Clinton refused to authorize missions to eliminate Osama Bin Laden, but when Bush is elected, he declares War on Terror while expands the size and authority of all national security organizations Inside the U.s government. Keck also mentions Obama’s efforts , “Obama, like Eisenhower, quickly began prosecuting the war against al-Qaeda largely by relying heavily on America’s technological advantages and more aggressive covert operations run largely by the CIA…the Obama administration is worried that it(the strategy)will eventually face blowback from its actions and therefore hopes to rein itself in. This is prudent strategy, but it remains to be seen whether this attempt will succeed or, like the U.S. during the 1960s, Washington will unnecessarily re-escalate its campaign again.” Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Obama’s efforts against the War on Terror reflect the efforts put forth by Harry

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