Similarities Between The Awakening And There's Eyes Were Watching God

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LIMA 1 Some may say that although some may women may relate, none are the same. They all have qualities and morals that differ them from the rest. Some may be victims to domestic abuse, yet others would never let their spouse think of raising their hands to them. Some are more feminine while others feel less comfortable behaving girly. Some are free-spirited, while others abide by all the rules society places on females. Edna from Chopin’s The Awakening and Janie from Hurston’s Theirs Eyes Were Watching God differ greatly from each other. Edna is a more free- spirited woman who does not conform to anyone’s rules, while Janie who although has instances of rebellion, she does what she is told. Janie unlike Edna married Logan Killicks…show more content…
Janie and Edna had many differences, Edna never took into consideration love, and she took what she desired. Leonce, an act of rebellion. Robert, an act of love. And Alcee and act of sexual desire. She took into consideration no feelings, leaving many heartbroken and discouraged. In the end she stayed alone and unhappy driving herself to suicide. Janie on the other hand, followed her heart hoping to find a love like spring. Although she married Logan Killicks as an act of obedience she entered with hope of a finding love. After discovering that her love with Logan was only a fairytale she ran away with Joe Starks believing that he could be the love like spring that she search for (a little of this mixed with luxury). His money and charm were what truly caught her attention. She arrived to the moment she long awaited and met Tea Cake, the man that truly represented spring. She loved Tea Cake with a love that came naturally. In the end she was not alone because the memory of Tea Cake would be with her as long as she lived. Janie and Edna shared many similarities and differences, some small and some big. Janie and Edna were both women of multiple love. They both searched for something to fill the void, whether it be through love or just desire. When they were both presented with the same fate both chose different paths. Edna, faced with sorrow and emptiness did not realize what she truly had until he lost it leaving her with a morbid depression of life. When faced with this fate, Janie felt a sense of power although her only love was gone she knew that he would always be with her. She love him while he was with her, and while he was gone, therefore leaving her no regret of losing time with
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