Similarities Between The Blue Hotel And Tennessee's Partner

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Integrity, Not Everyone Has It “The Blue Hotel” by Stephen Crane and “Tennessee’s Partner” by Bret Harte have many similarities and differences. “Tennessee’s Partner” is about two men who have a bond that cannot be broken. “The Blue Hotel” is about a paranoid man who thinks everyone is out to get him and ends up dying because of his own actions. Stephen Crane and Bret Harte have different styles of writing, however, their stories take place in the same time and the characters act similarly. Some of the story's themes are easy to see, but others depend on the perception of the reader. There is a profusion of themes in “The Blue Hotel” such as alienation, you are your own worst enemy, and fear. Throughout this story these themes are palpable through the Swede; from the beginning, he makes everyone around him apprehensive. Additionally, he is uncivil to the owner of the hotel and to the others by accusing them of wanting to annihilate him. Then he assumes that because he is in the west that anyone there could be out to get him. Later in the story, he leaves the hotel and goes to the saloon and gets himself killed; his…show more content…
These stories took place in the west and were also written in the same century. Similarity these stories also only had one character that had more integrity than everyone else; the Easterner in ”The Blue Hotel” and Tennessee's partner in “ Tennessee’s Partner”. The Easterner was the only character to feel remorse after the Swede was killed and Tennessee’s Partner welcomed Tennessee back even though he had run off with his wife. Additionally, death is also common between the two stories; the Swede, Tennessee, Tennessee’s Partner, and the people in the saloon that Tennesse shot. Trials for murder happen in both of the stories also; the gambler faces trial for killing the Swede and Tennessee faces a trial because he killed people in the
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