Similarities Between The Dystopian Society And The Giver

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There is no doubt the society in The Giver contrasts our own, however the similarities between the two might be startling. The dystopian environment in the Giver can be a humbling thought for how good we have it in our life. Following that trend, we are alo forced to look at the horrifying similarities between these two societies. As we look at The Giver’s rules, family, and leadership we see the vast differences and also the shocking familiarities. In The Giver it is very apparent that the rules are numerous and air tight. Interestingly, we can also see this in our own society through laws, that make our world run more smoothly. We can see strict rules in the giver on page 74, “He had never known that other books existed.”(Lowry 74). This shows the rules of the society are so oppressive to the point that the people are uninformed of things. In our society, thankfully, we have freedom to information and can find a book on almost every topic. However, we may never know what else could be being held from us, just like the citizens in The Giver who are clueless to their lack of knowledge. It has been established that in The Giver there are many rules on things that should be inalienable to all. “The discipline wand, in the hand of the Childcare worker, whistled as it came down across Asher’s hands.” This is yet another inalienable right that has been taken away from the people in The Giver. Additionally, we see the harshness towards even the slightest disobedience to their
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