The French Revolution In World History

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Sushmit Dutta
World History A2
May 5, 2015
Word Count - 2511

One of the most important revolution in the history of mankind was the French Revolution. The French remember and celebrate it every year on 14 July and call it the “Le jour de la prise de la Bastille”.1 It started in 1789 due to the frustration in the French people. This is quite similar to all other great revolutions like the American and Irish Revolution as they all started due to the hatred and frustration in the people of the land. Another great comparison between the French and American Revolution, it is the fact they both were influenced by enlightenment ideals, like the popular concept of humanity
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3 April 2015.

I used this pin from pinterest to get a quote from Albert Einstein for my conclusion. The author, Rocky Acosta, has many inspirational quotes from many different people like Einstein, Gandhi and also Jefferson. I think the quotes good because it is connected to my topic of the revolution as it is about how humans and end their own lives. I think the quote is credible because I have seen that quote in many different places.
Cranston, Maurice “The French Revolution: Ideas and Ideologies.” History Today. Volume 39 Issue 5, May 1989. February 28, 2015.

This was an important article in my research paper because it dates back to 1989. This paper helped me get a point of view on the paper from almost a different time period. Other than that this article has a lot a philosophical ideas about the revolution that were quite interesting, but sometimes quite hard to understand. I liked the use of pictures too as it sometimes helped explain the
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