Similarities Between The French Revolution And Touqueville

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the power form of the majority. He believed that majority of equals leads to the creation of people abusing their powers. Lastly, as the Tocqueville’s likes, and dislikes were mentioned other great philosophers such as Rousseau of those times had a say on the equality in a country. The great philosopher Rousseau was a philosophical thinker who premise was on the collectivism of the majority than on an individual in a community. His social contract was designed for people to give away their rights for an exchange of governmental protection. However, Rousseau pertains to the American Revolution, and French Revolution because by his premise the Americans, and the French wanted equality. The Americans, and French came together through collectivism measures, and gave up their rights for equal gains. Rousseau philosophy was on the poor, or people with no power which clearly can be interpreted within the Revolutions.…show more content…
In the closing of this essay the commonalities between the American revolution, and the French revolution was clearly explained. The French revolution proved to be the deadliest, and most violent war than the American revolution causing change. Next, Touqueville’s likes and dislikes were examined showing that he enjoyed the public affairs, and associations while creating his dislikes. His dislikes were that the democracy in the United States with the equal majority can lead to the abuse of power. Finally, the essay explained Rousseau philosophy, and how his theory could pertain to the revolutions of those times. So the American revolution, and the French revolution proved to express the similarities, and the quest for equality as a
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