Similarities Between The Great Gatsby And Bodega Dreams

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It is the matter of common knowledge that the American Dream is a conception referring to a desire of having a social regulation in which every male and female individual is capable of reaching the fullest importance that is normally unattainable, and be distinguished by the community for their true substance, despite the fortunate conditions of the status. Moreover, this idea denies any limits or boundaries and provides equal opportunities for people of any age, gender, or race. “The Great Gatsby” and “Bodega Dreams” feature characters that most clearly represent a desire or indifference to join such a society. After all, the American dream is not different for a person of color in “Bodega Dreams” and “The Great Gatsby” because both characters view it as money, love, having a knowing name as well as being successful. There is no reason for the dream to be divergent for a person of another race. To begin with, it is crucial to give a…show more content…
Actually, Chino grows to glorify Bodega as a person who accredited the American dream in the meaning of Puerto Ricans’ rights and involvement. Willie Bodega aimed to advance Latinos’ lives and improve the local community. He manages to rehabilitate houses in Spanish Harlem and provide education for the children in need. It can be claimed that he wishes to have a better life for his family and Vera, his mistress. On the other hand, there is Jay Gatsby whose only target is Daisy Buchanan. By the way, it is because of her that he resolved to line his pockets in order to conquer her affection. Actually, Vera and Daisy have traits in common as well. Both women appear to be unusually materialistic and keen on money. Meanwhile, their men strive for the American dream aiming to accomplish their intentions. Nevertheless, Gatsby, unlike Bodega, never addressed to enhance his community. On the contrary, his principal ambition was to have Daisy marry
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