Similarities Between The Great Gatsby And Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Context plays an important part within a person’s society. This is integral when investigating other texts and their effects on a person’s understanding due to context, forming textual background and values. The factors which play roles within texts can be seen through similarities and differences in meanings and values between texts. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s (EBB) suite of poems Sonnets from the Portuguese explores anxieties of the past and its effect on the future of ones identity. Elizabeth Barrett Browning also investigates the notion of true love. Likewise F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, contain's similarities exposing anxiety due to the past past and its effect on the future and a persons identity, along with looking into true love. Differentiation between the texts exists as contrasts of morals and status of the two societies.
Love is everywhere. Unknown in its various forms It forms an important part in
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Context plays an important part in visualising roles, Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s use of imperative language “Let the silence of my womanhood” is a statement of hers which directly informs of her ability of to conform to the rigid social rules of her time. These conservative Victorian ideas are only present within EBB's suite of poems and context. Likewise, status is also present within The Great Gatsby however differing. Fitzgerald opens and explores the Jazz Age that Gatsby is in, and the contextual knowledge a reader can further understand the articulation and contrast to the rich. F Scott Fitzgerald’s suspension of disbelief "Their house was even more elaborate than I expected" further expands upon his time period and what is considered normal for the time. Context forms an important part to which an author’s textual background and themes can be
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