Similarities Between The Great Gatsby And Winter Dreams

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, is full of parallels to his own life. Many other works by Fitzgerald, such as the short story “Winter Dreams,” also contain many aspects that parallel Fitzgerald's life.
Fitzgerald wrote all of his stories based off of his life experiences. Fitzgerald’s obsession with his lover, Zelda, was evident. Everything he ever did and wrote was all due to his efforts of pleasing and satisfying her needs and wants. Zelda emphasized that rich girls were not supposed to marry poor boys; so, this produced a drive in Fitzgerald to work himself extremely hard to earn the money to provide for Zelda. Zelda caused Fitzgerald’s downfall, which was reflected in all of his novels, especially The Great Gatsby.
In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby had the same ultimate downfall as Fitzgerald with Daisy Buchanan. The two were the same in the fact that the women in
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Fitzgerald and Dexter both meet women whom they find very beautiful, but they are out of their leagues in terms of finances. Zelda and Judy want to marry wealthy men and live in the upper part of society. Because of the love Fitzgerald and Dexter have for these women, they pursue jobs that bring them fortune. Fitzgerald becomes a successful writer, and Dexter becomes a successful Wall Street businessman. Fitzgerald and Dexter want “glittering things,” and they do not stop until they get that.
There are also major differences between Fitzgerald, Gatsby, and Green. Fitzgerald married Zelda, and they were happy together for a while, but Gatsby and Green never married their loves. Gatsby had the worst outcome though as his love gets him killed.
The parallels in F. Scott Fitzgerald's stories The Great Gatsby and “Winter Dreams” to his own life are very evident. Fitzgerald might have used these parallels to tell his story own story through his works. Fitzgerald and his works will never be
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