Similarities Between The Hobbit And The Hero's Journey

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The Hero’s Journey is a popular archetype that authors and writers around the world use every day to show and explain the adventure of the main character in becoming a hero in literature;much like how J.R.R Tolkien and Eric Greitens used The Hero’s Journey in their books A Warrior 's Heart(Eric Greitens) and The Hobbit(J.R.R Tolkien). The Hobbit, a fantasy book, takes place on Middle Earth and follows Mr. Bilbo Baggins as he adventures off with 13 dwarves and a wizard to defeat the dreaded dragon Smaug that stole the dwarves’ ancestors gold and set fire to the town of Dale. Much different to The Hobbit, A Warrior 's heart follows Eric Greitens journey in finding out who he is and meant to be; as Eric visits different countries to help homeless children and refugees of war, he finally realizes that he cannot just “help” struggling, innocent people, he needs to defend them by joining the military. Though The Hobbit and A Warrior’s Heart seem completely unrelated, their use of the Hero’s Journey has many similarities and differences. Although at first sight The Hobbit and A Warrior’s Heart may look irrelevant to each other, the way the authors use the Hero’s Journey are more similar than one might think. For example, both Eric and Bilbo went on their journey to prove something of themselves. Eric spent some time studying in England and wrote about how people have to make change happen; he soon realized that it was selfish of him to ask others to help, so he served in the
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