Similarities Between The Holocaust And Salem Witch Trials

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The Salem Witch Trials can be compared to many historical events around the world. The Holocaust is one of the most compared events to the Salem Witch Trials. These events are brought together by the facts that both of them were tragic and people died horrifically. Neither of these events were handled in a way that was beneficial for their economies. The Holocaust is a modern day “Witch Hunt” that relates to the Salem Witch Trials due to instinctual prejudice and mass hysteria, but differs in religion and the scale of the executions. Instinctual prejudice on people who might be different was a distinct similarity between the Salem Witch Trials and the Holocaust. In both of these events, hatred was thrown towards specific groups of people.…show more content…
The Holocaust was more on a global scale, killing around two-thirds of the population. While the Salem Witch Trials was on more of a local scale, having about thirty-six casualties. Also, during the Holocaust, the Jews were killed mainly in gas chambers in the concentration camps. On the other hand, during the Salem Witch Trials, women were killed by hanging, being pressed by rocks, or by dying in prison. Another difference between the two is that during the Salem Witch Trials, it was based off of Puritan beliefs and the Holocaust was based off of mostly Christianity. There are more similarities than differences between the Salem Witch Trials and the Holocaust. The differences are little and not as important as the similarities are. Both of these events were horrific and hopefully history will not repeat itself and we can learn from them. Millions of innocent people were killed unnecessarily because of instinctual prejudice and mass hysteria. Maybe these events can help show you that following the leader might not always be the best idea and to have your own thoughts and
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