Similarities Between The Horse And His Boy And White Fang

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White Fang by Jack London, and The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis are two very different books, from genre to setting, but these books do have their similarities. White Fang is about a wolf dog who learns the way of the wild, kill or be killed. The Horse and His Boy is about a boy and a talking horse who run away together to find the imaginary country, Narnia.
One way these books are similar is they were both written by very well-known authors, and were both published in the 1900’s. They’re both fictional stories written in the third person, and both books have film adaptations. Both books have a major character that isn’t human, in White Fang, this is the main character, White Fang himself, a wolf dog; in The Horse and His Boy, one of the two main characters is Bree, a talking horse. Both books show their characters going through struggles and hardships, but ultimately have their happy endings. For White Fang this is simply finding a kind master, and becoming
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Regarding genre, White Fang is adventure fiction, but The Horse and His Boy is fantasy, and speculative fiction, as well as being children’s and Christian literature. White Fang, while being fiction, is a realistic book, set in locations which actually exist, in Canada and America; The Horse and His Boy however takes place in fictional countries, Archenland, Narnia, and Calormen. Though both books include and animal as a main character, this manifests itself quite differently in each book. In White Fang the main character isn’t given human-like characteristics, all the thought process and motivation is very animalistic and instinctual; however, in The Horse and His Boy this character Bree can talk and think just like a human and is driven by human-like emotions and thought processes. Another difference is that White Fang clarifies that the story takes place in the 1890’s, while The Horse and His Boy never defines a specific time
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