Similarities Between The Ju/Hoansi And The Basseri

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location depends on the season congregation and dispersal of groups. The Basseri travel one day out of the three, then make camp. The tribe leaves before sunrise with the majority of the animals first. After the tents are down, the donkeys are laden with possessions and everyone else is on their way. As for the social relationship, the Ju/’Hoansi and the Basseri are similar that they exchange women for goods or to keep peace so conflict doesn’t escalate. But when a couple gets married in the Basseri, the grooms father in expected to give payment to the bride 's father. With that money, the bride 's father can determine what the new couple will need for their new life together. On that note, both groups marriages are determined by the parents, the children have no say. Furthermore, one of the main reasons how the Ju/’Hoansi form alliances is through marriage and sexual relations.…show more content…
It’s shown in the Ju/’Hoansi by gaining social acceptance if you display meat to the whole camp of individuals. Since meat is scarce, it would be a treasure to have. The leadership is also informal. Inheritance isn’t a needed factor in order to lead and to have power. Their goal is to have social harmony so they can receive peace with others. With domesticated animals being important to the Basseri, have a decent amount to live off of and to trade with comes into a factor of making profit. The chief used the people to increase his wealth. With that in mind, the chief imposes taxes and payment in sheep as a exercise of
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