Similarities Between The Kite Runner And Catcher In The Rye

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In most texts women are usually forced follow the societal norms; having no power and staying subordinate, giving all their power to the men, although they can use different techniques to receive the power they deserve. In comparing the two texts, in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, women are seen as powerless, weak people who have been silenced by the men in their lives. Whereas in Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, the women have no sovereignty over themselves due to the society they live in where women shouldn’t. While the women in Amir’s life help him because they understand how to overcome their own powerlessness and can guide him on his way to become the kind of man he wants to be, the women in Holden’s life cannot guide him on his…show more content…
When the couple first starts talking, Soraya tells Amir the story of her teaching her housemaid english she says that she explains how she “‘knew there was nothing else I’d ever want to be but a teacher. I was so proud of her and I felt like I had done something really worthwhile”’ (151). Soraya uses her intelligence and kind nature to help her housemaid learn how to speak english, unlike Amir who mocked Hassan’s lack of knowledge, being a role model for him to treat people with respect since she doesn’t have that same privilege. Later, at the engagement ceremony, Soraya “kissed [his] father’s hands. Sat beside [him] at last, her eyes downcast”(169). The significance of her eyes looking down is that she’s being subordinate to the men of the house by not making eye contact. Not making eye contact with them is showing them her willingness to them. After Amir and Soraya got married, “she dedicated herself to taking care of [his] father” (172). The fact that Soraya gave her life up to take care of Baba was interesting since she wasn’t forced to do it and shows her caring nature. Soraya makes Amir feel grounded as he goes back to apologize and also save Sohrab. During the fight with Assef he remembers Soraya and everything she’s done for him and Baba, how he affected his life by being in it. Amir is also very protective over Soraya because she’s done a lot for

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