Similarities Between The Lottery And Harrison Bergeron

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The Lottery and Harrison Bergeron, both share common themes and differences in their stories. One would be that both societies claim theses “traditions give them unity and equality”. Another theme commonly shared is both stories show how people can be blind to tradition. Although these stories are similar they have their differences one being Harrison Bergeron tried dyeing like a martyr while Ms. Hutchinson died trying to save her own life. In both of theses stories society believes that their barbaric traditions bring them equality and unity. In The Lottery his or her quality would be everyone has the same chance of dying. While in Harrison Bergeron they take equality to a much more literal sense where if someone is too smart they would be subjected to wearing a loud noise device that ever so often blasts music into his or her ears. Or if you were too athletic you would wear heavy weights to slow you down.…show more content…
In the Lottery the Black Box and Old man Warner represent tradition. In Harrison Bergeron tradition represents their version of equality no one has ever questioned it because of the tyrannical government. One of the main differences in these stories would be at Harrison Bergeron and the Lottery would be Harrison Bergeron died trying to be a martyr and in The Lottery Mrs. Hutchinson died begging for her life. Bergeron knew he was going to die, but wanted to try to make people question what happened to society and that we need to change it. But Mrs. Hutchinson, died begging to save her own life begging them to redraw which would in fact cause the death of another
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