Similarities Between The Monster And Victor In Frankenstein

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Similarities between Victor and the Monster
In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley she wrote that it was okay to be different. People in this society think that if you’re any kinds of different then you must be judged on the way you look at things or even just the way you look. And in this book Victor Frankenstein judged his creation by the way he had created it. And instead of taking care of his responsibility he just let the monster run wild. He was afraid of what he had created at first, but in the end he realizes that it doesn’t matter what others think as long as you are happy with what you have chosen. A lot of people that have read Frankenstein say that the creature and the creator are nothing alike. Everyone has their own opinion. As I was reading the book, Frankenstein, I have noticed a lot of similarities between the both of them. Victor Frankenstein was known as the crazy scientist in town, anyone who really did not know him always judged him. All he wanted to do was create something that no one ever thought he could do. “The novel relates how the creature created by Victor Frankenstein horrifies him,
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Victor grew up thinking it was wrong to be different from anyone so he tried to fit in as much as possible. But as he grew up people thought that he was insane wanting to be a scientist and studying dark science. Victor has always been the type of showing people he can do it, if you put your mind to you. With the creature he felt isolated because when Victor saw what he had created he did not want anything to do with the creature because he was so embarrassed by what he had created. The creature felt exactly like Victor did that no one would ever want to be around him so he felt like he was alone in this big world. In this novel Frankenstein the creature was like an adopted kid that no one ever wanted because he was
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