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image The Langobards and the Heaðobards were probably the same people. I think Skåne was the original homeland of the Langobards. Origo Gentis Langobardorum (7th century) and Historia Langobardorum (8th century) tell the history of the Langobards. According to these texts the Langobards were originally called Winnili and their original homeland was called Scadan/Scadanan. According to Historia Langobardorum the Winnili split into three groups. One of the groups left their original homeland. This group would later become the Langobards. I think the Heaðobards were the Winnili that remained. This is how Scadan/Scadanan is described in Historia Langobardorum: This island then, as those who have examined it have related to us, is not so much…show more content…
According to the text the Anglo-Saxon kings decendeded from a Langobard king called Scef. According to the text Scef came in a boat as a child to Scani. Scani means Skåne. Later on Scef became king of the land. Widsith mentions a Langobard king called Sceafa. The same story that can be found in the Æthelweard Chronicle can also be found in Beowulf. According to the Beowulf text Scyld Scefing came in a boat as a child to Scedenigge/Scedelandum. The Old English name for Skåne was Scedenig. Scedelandum means the Scanian lands. The old name for Skåneland was Skånelandene. Skånelandene means the Scanian lands. Later on Scyld Scefing became king of the land. Scyld means shield. The Bjäre peninsula and the Kullen peninsula in northwestern Skåne form a bay called Skälderviken. There is a town on the cost with the same name. The first segment of Skälderviken means shield. The second segment of the name means…show more content…
According to the text the Danes were the same people as the Swedes. In the area around Växjö in southern Småland there are place-names like Dänningelanda, Dänninge, Dänningeborg and Danneborg. The first segment of all these place-names have the same etymology as Dan. Dänn- is an archaic form of Dan. There is no other place in Scandinavia where you find a cluster of place-names like that. In Denmark place-names like that are virtually absent. In the same area in southern Småland you also find place-names like Yngslanda, Inglinge, Inglinge hög, Ingelstad and Uppsala. The Ynglings were a legendary dynasty of Swedish kings. Uppsala were the residence of the Swedish kings. According to De origine actibusque Getarum the Heruli were expelled from their native homeland by the Danes. I think the Danes migrated south from their original homeland. As the Danes migrated south they came into conflict with the Heathobards and the Heruli. The Heaðobards were subdued and the Heruli were

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