Similarities Between The Odysseus And The Iliad

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These two epic stories are about the ancient Greeks of the Mycenaean (Bronze Age), who blossomed from about 1600-1100 BC. The Odysseus and the Iliad has a relation to the each other, the Iliad describes clash between the two equally brilliant groups, which are the Athenians and the Trojans, and the Odysseus is after story of the Iliad and it is about the contraction with “Other”, represented as monsters and witches. It is believed these were not written down until 800-700 BC , so although they are based on vaguely real historical events and actual historical characters, they are events that transpired hundreds of years before the author even lived, they are history that has morphed into mythology. Also it is said these epic stories are written by the blind poet Homer. But it is still mystery that man named Homer was real, blind, and written Iliad and Odysseus. The Iliad and the Odysseus provide two…show more content…
How the Gods of Olympus treat you depends on how you treat them Odysseus brought the wrath of Poseidon on him when he blinded the Cyclopes, who was Poseidon’s son. The fact that Odysseus did not know this until after the fact does not diminish the clear cause and effect relationship. Odysseus’ men bring certain death onto themselves when they slaughter the beloved sheep of Helios. This is another example of the clear-cut cause and effect relationship that exists in the Odysseus. In the Iliad, things are not nearly so simple. Sometimes the Gods just want to stir up trouble, so they break the truce between the Trojans and the Athenians. Zeus wants to inspire Achilles to enter the fight, so he kills his best friend Patroclus. The point is, morals are ignorant toys to be set up and knocked down at the Gods leisure, and for their own clandestine
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