Similarities Between The Odyssey And Beowulf

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Although Beowulf and The Odyssey are not usually referred to as similar many

comparisons can be made between the two. Especially if focusing on the side of what kind of

story they are. Both stories revolve around a hero although some may question that the

characters are not heroes they are. At that time a hero wasn’t always the best person it was

whoever got the job done however they could. Beowulf and Odysseus are seen very different

because of morals and religion, but they show much to be compared as well. Both stories are

focusing on one character, who defeats monsters and saves people. Though the people being

saved and the reason behind it are two totally different things. For everything similar between

the two you can find something different. Whether it be
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Even though Odysseus is not a great person and is not he does show some

characteristics of being an epic.

The Odyssey and Beowulf compare and contrast quite nicely since they are both old and

have some of the same principles. You can see many qualities of an epic in both of these

adventures, but one stands out far greater than the other. In The Odyssey the main character is

not a national hero or good person which is a big part of being an epic. In Beowulf the main

character comes in very humble and becomes a national hero and savior. Along with this both

characters express gifts that can only be described as God given. Beowulf uses his gift to help

others and keep people safe and out of harm. Odysseus uses his gift to better himself and get

things that he wants for himself rather than the people. Both stories have a long and heroic

journey involved, but throughout the journey Beowulf is doing it for the good of people,

Odysseus is doing for the good of himself. Through the observation of both books it is quite

clear that Beowulf would be considered much more of an epic than The Odyssey. Along with

that the character in Beowulf has much better morals than that of
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