Similarities Between The Odyssey And The Aeneid

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The Odyssey written by Greek poet Homer and The Aeneid by Roman poet Virgil, are the main characters who make an enlightening visit to the underworld. The depiction of each other’s imagination of the underworld is an inspiration to each other, even centuries apart. In numerous ways, they are similar, yet both poems in its entirety are different explaining the purpose as to why the composure and societies were shaped, however , the visits and parallel events take place within them. There is a resemblance between the underworld of Homer’s Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid that reveals examination of the important differences. In addition, both Homer and Virgil give their audience both distinctive comparisons by connecting the poets and their creations. However, the cultural differences of the people are separated , but also the differences are reflected in the foundation of their works. Even though the underworld is a continuation into the afterlife, they are drawn out by centuries of time with the similarities and differences of Roman culture.
There are some similarities of why both Aeneas’s and Odysseus’s visit the world below. In order to live and continue a successful life in the real world, they must
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Virgil’s and Homer’s lack of distinctiveness do not share in their qualities of writing. The underworld qualities in the Odyssey , there are detailed tortures, little misery, and less frightening. In contrast, Aeneid’s picture of the underworld is nightmarish, twisted, also there is fatalism and torments of mysterious figures. As seen in Homer’s version of the underworld, creatures are enduring their punishments for themselves and not on the forefront as Virgil’s figures. In the Odyssey picture of the underworld, it has a more mysterious and dangerous vibe, whereas, in Aeneid, Virgil’s look on the underworld , it is more clear and the images of people are more
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