Similarities Between The Old Man And The Great Gatsby

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How does one's personal experiences affect their views and beliefs on life? Throughout the heartfelt novels, The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway and The Great Gatsby, by F.Scott Fitzgerald, the authors expressed their beliefs and views through their modernist and realistic writing. Both Fitzgerald and Hemingway have experienced many hardships during their lifetime,which influenced their writing styles vastly. In both of these novels, there was a life that everyone wanted. In the The Old Man and the Sea, the ideal life was to be a fisherman with unprecedented fortune. In the The Great Gatsby the best life was a life of wealth- a life living the American Dream. Through both of these novels, the author's beliefs were elaborated on through…show more content…
There were many times where Santiago was faced with great challenges but did not give up. Hemingway was never rewarded for anything that he didn’t work for- he had to work for what he got much like Santiago. When Santiago was given the opportunity to fish in a more “lucky” boat, his moral compass told him to refuse. He was very disciplined and wasn’t willing to compromise his work ethic for the easy way out. (Quote) Although Hemingway was a very depressed man, he didn’t take anything for granted. But Santiago was always appreciative of what he was given. When the boy would assist and help him he was very thankful. Hemingway had served in World War I, as a ambulance driver, and once he was back he married a wealthy woman by the name of Hadley Richardson. But much like Santiago and the marlin he had struggled three days to get, Hemingway had to work hard for what he eventually got. (Quote) Fortunately he did not let a single day defeat his mind’s perception. He always stayed positive and didn’t let his thoughts take over, much like Hemingway himself, therefore Santiago resembled that of Hemingway and his outlook on life. Through the duration of the novel we see how Hemingway himself viewed success, honor, and life through the brilliantly described eyes of the cuban fisherman,
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