Similarities Between The Past And The 1960s

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Past Versus the Present People say that the past is nothing like the present, but is that entirely true? The 1960s were very eventful, composing of many different aspects. Some of these aspects include the way the government was run, the way the music sounded, and the cultural attitude of that time period. Relatively speaking, the 1960’s time period was very different than our time period. However, there are some similarities between our time period, and the 1960s. First of all, the way the government was run in the 1960s is that the United States government was a democracy, as it is today. A democracy is where power is shared between the regional and federal government. In other words, there is no greater power, the power is all shared equally. The governments in both the present and the 1960’s time period have a judicial branch, legislative branch, and the executive…show more content…
The northern states were about the equality of African Americans, and now all states are today. Another detail is that is that people liked most of the same stuff that we like today. For example, we still watch baseball, and baseball was a very popular sport back in the 60s. A clear difference however, was how the southern states treated African Americans in the 1960’s time period. The white community treated the African Americans harshly, even bombing a black church in Birmingham. The novel While the World Watched tells about the bombing at the church by a girl that was in the church, Carolyn Maull Mckinstry. The authors says, “...I had heard so many times when Klan members dynamited black homes and businesses throughout the city.” (56) She’s talking about how she experienced many bombings during her childhood in the 60s. Another cultural difference was that women weren’t allowed as many rights as they do today. Women weren’t even allowed to vote in the 1960s, but they are allowed to vote in the
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