Similarities Between The Princess And The Frog

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The princess and the frog is a very old story that dates back all the way to 1812. It was originally titled The frog prince. The frog princess is a beautifully classic story about a princess who loses her ball in a pond, she makes a deal with a talking frog that if he shall get her ball she will let him eat her food, sleep in her bed, and stay with her. They did this for 3 nights before the frog turned back into a human. The remake in 2009 was renamed the princess and the frog. The remake was about a girl who wanted to own her own restaurant and spent all her time working. She kisses and frog and is transformed into a frog herself. The stories have different names and different plots but all in all they both focus on the same thing, love.…show more content…
The princess and the frog was definitely trying to focus all the attention on one thing for sure. They wanted to really express that even princess have to work hard to get places in life. Many disney movies have romance but in all of them they tend to focus on having a man to save you or finding your dream guy. The princess and the frog is especially interesting because they are really making sure to express that you don't need a guy all the time. You can do things in life without love but while showing this they also made sure to express that love is important in life and you shouldn't completely ignore
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