Similarities Between The Red Scare And The Crucible

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Many have said that history repeats itself. This has never been more evident then with the tragic events that happened with the Red Scare and the events in The Crucible. Both deal with mass hysteria and how accusers are given power and use that power for evil. In both the accusers look down upon the rest of the society and just accuse away with your accusing finger. What we learn from both of these horrible events is that we should never look down upon others or accuse someone of committing an "immoral crime" without seeing or never or hearing what really happened. There's no such thing as an "immoral crime" because everyone has different moral codes, what one person thinks is horribly wrong could be totally normal to another so there's no such thing as a "moral person".…show more content…
Nobody dared to contradict them out of fear, fear of being accused. Both Abigail and McCarthy brainwash society by saying we must purge our society of this evil made society believes that they were serving a greater purpose in both events people were blinded and Took in over by fear they were afraid of being tainted by the evil one they would have believed that their own mother/father was a communist year which is the finger of truth pointed that way The moral code was very strict in the 1950s and during the events in Salem is not followed you to have to deal with being communists are which and that would either get you killed hanged or
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