Similarities Between The Rosewood Massacre And The Crucible

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Rosewood Massacre vs. The Crucible
Lots of people have died from being misaccused of crimes they did not commit. Because of this, innocent people have been jailed, tortured, and even put to death. Scenes like this have happened all throughout history and have also been shown in book, movies, and even plays. One famous play that depicts these crimes is The Crucible which is written by Arthur Miller. Even in stories, these type of tragedy has happened all throughout history, such as the Rosewood Massacre where hundreds of African Americans were slaughtered. Between The Crucible and The Rosewood Massacre they both depict the fear and hysteria among people, hatred toward one another, and the mass killings of innocent people.
The Rosewood Massacre took place in a predominantly black town in Rosewood Central Florida on January 1, 1923. It all started when a white woman, Fanny Taylor, claimed she was raped by a black man in her home in a nearby community. Either way, people began to believe her story even though their was no evidence to prove her claim. They started to suspect that Jesse Hunter, a recently escaped black convict, committed the crime and that he was somewhere hiding the the
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In both the Rosewood Massacre and The Crucible the hysteria started from a rumor and false accusations. Theses accusations started from Fanny claiming a black man raped her to cover up an affair, while in The Crucible Abigail said innocent people were witches who were seeking revenge. The people in both The Crucible and Rosewood the people believed the girls with no questions asked, and many people either got hurt or killed in both. Just like in The Crucible John Proctor went against the law and even say “God is Dead” (Arthur Miller Act
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