Similarities Between The Soldiers Heart And The Red Badge Of Courage

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The Soldiers Heart and the Red Badge of Courage are two books from different eras that are written about one of the bloodiest wars of history. These two texts of writing were strikingly alike to each other, even due to the fact that there is a several year difference between these two books that makes one question. Although these novels have plenty of similarities, there is also a few differences between these books so the writings don’t seem fully synchronized and so it builds excitement through the plot. The Red Badge of Courage and the Soldiers Heart are very similar but still have contrasting details throughout the story. There are plenty comparing details from start to finish in these book that makes the books seem that one might be copied from the other or was made to create a different aspect of the other book. The two books represent two characters in…show more content…
The homes between the boys were not the same, as Charley is from Minnesota and Henry is from Minnesota. Charley was actually too young to be in the war but ended up getting in anyway, and Henry was the right age. Charley avoided getting shot as much as possible, while Henry wanted to get shot so he wouldn’t seem like a coward. Charley actually got wounded but Henry only got hit in the head by one of his fellow soldiers. These two books have a few differences between them because if there wasn’t, there would not be much excitement or surprises in the stories. The Red Badge of Courage and the Soldiers Heart are very similar but still contrasting details throughout the story. These books are so similar that there wouldn’t be a surprise if it was copied from each other. These two books needed some alterations to form a good story line to make it interesting and worthwhile to read. These two books similarities and differences still make it extremely great books to recite and to comprehend the hardships of the bloody
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