Similarities Between The Tempest And Frankenstein

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Both “Frankenstein” and “The Tempest” have had an insurmountable influence on the way literatures developed. This is largely due to the similar compelling theme of the oppressor and the oppressed, a theme which is widely represented in novels today. The themes and the character relationships are extremely similar to one another. This is conveyed through the relationships between Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, as well as the relationship between Prospero and Caliban.
Both Dr. Frankenstein and Prospero are show as the more dominant figure of their relationships, as they both possess a sense of control over their companion. In addition to being viewed as the oppressor, both Dr. Frankenstein and Prospero views their companions as beings who are not worthy of their respect. Dr. Frankenstein treats his creature with such disdain that he states that he wished he were dead. Similarly,
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Frankenstein and Prospero, the creature and Caliban are viewed as inferior. Although they may not have the same temperament, they are similar through the fact that someone else holds control over them. With Caliban, it is more apparent, as Prospero physically controls him with magic. The creature, however, is controlled in an entirely different way. Unlike Caliban, he is much more physically able than his superior. However, Dr. Frankenstein holds a moral control over his creature. As he was the one who created him, the creature believes that it is Dr. Frankenstein who can restore his humanity. In the passage, he even pleads to Dr. Frankenstein to give him another chance. Both the creature and Caliban want freedom, but are restrained from gaining it due to their dominant partner.
“Frankenstein” and “The Tempest” both have many similarities in both the themes and character relationships. The constant struggle of a superior being and his inferior is apparent in both novels and is expressed especially through Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, and Prospero and
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