Similarities Between Thor And Beowulf

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Throughout the story of Beowulf and the movie Thor, there are many similarities; from the enemies they meet, the characteristics of the two warriors, and the things they have conquered. Both Thor and Beowulf have lots of pride. Thor is known as someone powerful and brave in Asgard, he has many enemies. Beowulf is known as a courageous warrior who can conquer any enemy, and he also has different enemies that he must defeat throughout the story. Both of the brave warriors come to figure out what their destiny must be, they are destined for greatness but they must go through great storms to achieve it.
Being fit to become king comes with being a great warrior, but you must also act as a hero. In Asgard, Thor is known as someone powerful and brave, always ready for a fight and always ready to defend his people. He is supposed to become the new king of Asgard, the only problem with that is that he is arrogant and acts poorly because of his anger. He thinks he knows best but to him, violence is usually the answer. In most of the lands, Beowulf is known as a courageous warrior who can conquer any enemy, he is suited to be a king just like Thor. Beowulf is confident, he
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For both Beowulf and Thor there is a great enemy. While Thor is sent to Earth and stripped of his powers, his brother Loki is becoming King of Asgard and that threatens the realm, making him the enemy. Loki is Thor’s brother which causes more conflict within Thor. In Beowulf, the last and greatest enemy was the dragon. It was difficult for Beowulf to defeat the dragon it threatened the people of Heorot, so Beowulf, being king, knew he had to risk his life for his people. Thor would have treated the situation differently, not necessarily thinking of protecting his realm but just wanting to start a fight. Although at first Thor seems a bit too immature to become a king, I believe he would also risk his life for his
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