Similarities Between Thoreau And Francois In The Call Of The Wild

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First, the comparison between Thoreau and Francois, they both believed they should make people or animals discover things by themselves.
In call of the wild, the first freezing night he stayed with the other huskies, he didn’t know how to keep warm. Thoreau forced him to sleep outside, in the book it described as “when he went in,they shouted angrily and threw things at him”(11). After Buck finally found the way, “‘What did I say?’ shouted Francois to Perrault, when he saw Buck come up out of the snow. ‘That Buck learns quickly’” (11). These show that it is well prepared that they let Buck find the solution by itself. They didn’t teach him but let nature teach him instead of them. After Buck acknowledge of studying by himself, the trip later become much easier and he made progress, he even became the head dog of the sled.
While in Walden, Thoreau pay himself to practice on learning from the nature, he kept learning by observing things like the snake in the freezing river and the fight between ants. All his knowledge got by himself which make it more impressive and unique. Francois said, “From the circumstances in which it is placed, mistakes its own character, until the truth is revealed to it by some holy teacher, and then it knows itself to be Brahme” (61). This told his own view about how he appreciated study on our own.
Second, both Thoreau and
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“Dogs are lazy, and you have to whip them” (33). The motivation is the dogs are afraid of being whipped again, so they pull the sled with fear and anger. He gave the dogs more food which is another kind of motivation because he wanted the dogs to pull harder and for a longer time. These didn’t really work because the whip is a depressing kind of motivation this push the dogs to do so. More food would never work because this didn’t change, the dogs couldn’t get the encourage from Hal. It became even worse because they ran out of food even
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