Similarities Between Tim Burton And Epilog

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Short films provide freedom for directors to express their vision despite time constraints. Through a variety of forms and features that directors utilise, they can showcase their ideas, opinions and perspective. Two short films that evidently display this is Vincent (1982) by Tim Burton and Epilog (1992) by Tom Tykwer. The wide range of choices that the directors can make can be clearly reflected on the approach they take making the film. The most has been made of the resources the directors use in different forms such as optical and auditory techniques. The films are based on the director’s experiences and childhood. Through experimentation and innovation, deep messages can be seen by audiences. This can be more easily displayed because of…show more content…
Epilog plays with the notion of perspective and time where the use of disruptive narrative is a key part in setting up the scene. The dramatic opening is an example of In Medias Res. It is accompanied by rotating camera shots around the two characters. This develops heightened tension leading up to the part where the woman is shot. Combined with non-diegetic music also unease. In addition, there is the use of slow motion dramatises the scenes such as when the man’s head hits the floor after being shot. Tom Tykwer makes use of multiple crane shot. The camera becomes like a floating eye, detaching itself and circling the protagonists repeatedly. Sentences exchanged between the two characters are very short and blunt which exhibits the fiery attitude between the pair. Tykwer bases his stories from personal experiences. In this such instance, he established this film on disputes with his girlfriend. Tom wants to expose artificiality of films as a director and his films usually incorporates self-reflexive elements. He aims to connect with the audience with motifs like repetition or recurrence, truth and memory. However, Epilog has more than one genre that includes drama and some
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